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Most small business owners are resourceful and take pride in doing things themselves. This is necessary at the beginning when cash is tight and all energy and effort is ploughed into getting the business going. But as your business grows, so to do responsibilities and with limited hours in a day and increasing priorities this approach is unsustainable. Eventually trying to manage your own bookkeeping on a spreadsheet or some other means will be the last thing you want to do and it becomes one of those thankless tasks that you never catch up on until you have to – and then it’s a massive headache and you’re overwhelmed and stressed out!

Do you know how your business is doing this instant? Do you know how much are sales are this month? Or what expense payments you’ve got coming up? If you have a backlog of paperwork, a shoebox full of receipts or a file of word-processed invoices waiting to be input onto a spreadsheet or accounting software you will never have a firm handle on your business finances or your cashflow. And nothing causes more stress than money worries!

So how can a bookkeeper help relieve this stress? If you are spending hours, days, weeks trying to manage your accounts yourself, you are not investing your time wisely. Free your time (and your mind!) to focus on driving your business forward. Hiring a Bookkeeper will help you keep all your records in order, support you in keeping control of your business and how it is performing, and take the pressure off with compliance and UK regulations. From the day to day running of your business such as raising invoices, expenses, chasing payments from overdue customers, to payroll, VAT, Tax Returns, Year End Accounts, having a Bookkeeper is a worthwhile investment.


Monthly Bookkeeping Fees including subscription to Xero Accounting Software From £50 per month
HMRC VAT Returns £100 per quarter
Self Assessment Check and File Service £65
HMRC Self Assessment Tax Return without Bookkeeping Support £130
HMRC Self Assessment Tax Return and Business Annual Report
(excluding software costs)
£300 or £25 per month
HMRC Partnership Tax Returns and Business Annual Report
(excluding software costs)
£420 or £35 per month
Contractor/Micro-Entity/Small Limited Company Year End Accounts & Tax Returns
(excluding software costs)
£540 or £45 per month