What could you do if you knew where your business stood financially and didn’t have to spend valuable family time trying to work it out? A step closer to freedom?

I am certified, registered & regulated by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers so you can be confident that your books are in good hands.

Do you know where your money goes? Expenses can soon mount up if you don’t track your spending. I can provide monthly analysis to help you make better business decisions.

Time is the most valuable resource we have – it always flies by too quickly and we can never have enough of it! Could you make better use of the time you are currently spending doing your books?

Most small businesses evolve around your passion. Your business is my business – and my passion is helping you make your dream a reality.


I am Gemma Alexander, a certified bookkeeper based in Northumberland. I specialise in assisting small businesses with bookkeeping, accounting and tax services. Time is the most precious resource we have: we never have enough of it and it always whizzes by too quickly!

Does your passion drive your business but the ever increasing pile of receipts and invoices drive you mad? Do you promise yourself you’ll do it this weekend but then tax return deadline looms and you’ve yet to even start? Well fear no more help is at hand! I am passionate about helping and supporting small businesses – after all your business is my business! I am passionate about saving you time and money to help your business to grow.

So make a decision today that your future self will thank you for!

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Professional, reliable, knowledgable, always willing to go the extra mile and very reasonable. I will be recommending Gemma to any of my colleagues or friends in need of a bookkeeper.


Very polite, professional and above all friendly! Gemma explained everything I asked about in a way I could understand. I am looking forward to working with Gemma and what the future will bring with Gemma’s support.



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